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Rothievale Gundogs

Berry - OFTW Rothievale Gentian

Berry is the star of Rothievale kennels, daughter of Sage and granddaughter of Speckle, Berry is everything that I hoped to breed in a spaniel (apart from size!), she is a very natural, talented dog with a mouth like velvet and totally mute.  She won her first competition, a puppy test and then went on to win a novice test, novice and open trial by the age of 3.

Her father is FTW Buccleuch Bramble, a dog that had never been used before but as a son of FTCh Edwardiana Tweed, a bitch I have always admired, he had the genes I wanted in my line.  As Sage was line bred to Skipper of Arford and subsequently quite a handful, I wanted this litter to be an outcross.  I was not disappointed with the mating, only 2 pups went to trialling homes and both ended up winning trials!

Like her mother, Berry has been simple to train with natural hunting drive from an early age and a clever cookie.  She was easy to train to handle and will not fold under pressure.  She is extremely fast and has a very good nose, stopping abruptly mid flight to dig out a rabbit or pheasant and she takes lines for fun.  Running cock birds and wounded grouse are her speciality.  Although not a softie she is honest and very much 'with me', something that her mother was lacking!  A nice quiet dog in the kennel and the house and out picking up, she has that ability to switch off and then really turn it on when required!

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Test and Trial Achievements to Date

2008 1st North of Scotland Puppy Test

2008 Guns Choice Highland Gundog Club Novice Trial (rashes, rabbits)

2009 1st Moray Firth Spaniel and Retriever Club Novice Test

2009 3rd Strathmore Gundog Club Novice Trial (woodland, pheasants)

2009 COM Gamekeepers National Novice Trial (heather, rabbits)

2009 1st North of Scotland Novice Trial (heather, bracken, pheasants)

2009 2nd and Guns Choice Gamekeepers National Open Trial (bracken, rashes, rabbits and pheasants)

2010 1st Strathmore Gundog Club Open Trial (rashes, rabbits and pheasants)

2010 COM and gun's choice North of Scotland Open (whins, bracken, rabbits and pheasants)

2010 Gun's choice Scottish Field Trials Association Open (whins, bracken, rabbits and pheasants)

2011 COM Moray Firth Open (bracken, rashes, pheasants)

2011 COM North of Scotland (gorse, bracken, rabbits and pheasants)

Sire FTW Buccleuch Bramble

Dam FTAW Countryways Sage of Rothievale

Date of Birth 26th April 2007

berry runner for web berry

Berry and her famous 'mop head'!

berry for web1

Berry's trialling career started with a gun's choice despite not finishing the trial and she has gone on to win gun's choice in many of the trials she has ran in that have had the award available, she really is a shooting mans dog aswell as a trialling dog, something that I feel passionately about.  Sadly I did not get the second win with Berry and she was retired from competition due to complications following an injury whilst picking up and from carrying a litter of 7. That litter however

produced two field trial champions and a dog (Rothievale Mint) who sired the 2017 Swedish Championship winner.

Pedigree berry portrait for web berry picking up