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Rothievale Gundogs

Stubblemere Aberdour

Merlin is our GSP acquired from A panel judge and renowed GSP man Mick Canham.  His mother is FTCh Stubblemere Black Magic, his father an imported dog Seehof Donan, he is cousin to the 2013 HPR Championship winner and litter brother to recent FTCh Stubblemere Cawdor.


Merlin is an extremely natural dog with a fantastic head carriage, natural pattern of working the wind and a great nose.  He is a strong pointer, tall with great confirmation and bone.  His temperament lends himself to both work and as a family pet as he is soft and gentle natured.  He is proven at stud producing all four colours, black and white, black, liver and white and liver.


Merlin is now retired and living the life of riley in the house with another GSP lady friend!


He is black with a roan chest and leg.  

Hip score 3/2

Eyes Clear 2016

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