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Rothievale Gundogs

FTW Rothievale Intrepid of Varis

I bought Millie back as a 6 year old with the hope of breeding from her to retain Willows line.  Sadly I was unsuccessful but I have still enjoyed working her.  She is a very talented and biddable bitch who won a novice test and trial as a young dog easily but due to work commitments with her previous owner, she was never seriously campaigned in Open trials. I recently retired Millie at 9 years old to a fantastic family where she is a sofa dog but still gets to go out as a shooting companion.


millie and willow for web millie head for web

Eyes Clear 2016

Hips 4/3

PRA Carrier

CNM Clear

SD2 Clear

Sire OFTW Greenbriar Falkland

Dam Greenbriar Spinner of Rothievale

millie standing for web milly grouse ret for web