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Rothievale Gundogs

Moss - Rothievale Mint

Moss is a great grandson of my original bitch Speckle and is exactly what I have strived for in a dog through carefully line breeding, outcrossing and then breeding back in.  He is alot of dog and makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end when he is hunting.  Despite being a big dog, he has a very low to the ground action and has formidable power, no cover is harsh enough for him he gets under it all and he has a fantastic nose showing his mothers game finding and line taking ability and his fathers attitude to cover and retrieving abilities in gun sense and marking.  Moss is the third generation of Rothievale breeding and I feel the thought I have put into breeding has paid off as he is the best dog I have had so far.  He is alot like his grandmother, is eyecatching, fast and stylish hunting white grass aswell as cover and has a natural pattern, his ground and wind treatment is second to none, he has been a very natural dog to train.

He has a lovely confirmation, a broad head, straight legs and is long in the body.  He is quite a handful due to a mispent youth chasing rabbits before I bought him back at 7 months old.  He is super keen to learn, you only have to show him something once.  He has already shown his class by gaining a 3rd and 2nd in puppy tests amongst much older company.  

Sire OFTW Halaze Hickory of Edgegrove (aka Laddie)

Dam OFTW Rothievale Gentian (aka Berry)

Date of Birth 17/5/2011

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Test and Trial Achievements

3rd MFSRC Puppy test (9 months old)

2nd MFSRC Puppy test (12 months old)

Moss for web

Regretably, due to expecting a baby I sold Moss to Jorgen and Larrissa of Elderdale Gundogs in Sweden.  He settled in well, formed a good bond with Jorgen and passed his hips with an 'excellent'.  Unfortunately Jorgen could not rely on Moss in terms of steadiness proving that the first six months of a puppies life is so formative.  He decided to let him go and he is now a fully fledged drugs dog!  I am in contact with his handler and delighted to hear he has taken to search work superbly. Not only that, his daughter won the 2017 Swedish Field Trial Championships.