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Rothievale Gundogs


19/02/2010 My FTAW cocker Annie had her pups today at Jeremy Organ's kennels.  1 black dog, 1 liver dog and 2 gold bitches, like a box of chocolates!  The sire is championship winner FTCh Timsgarry Barlow.  All pups were sold before they were born.

18/03/2010 My FTAW springer Sage has finally come into season!  She has been mated to Jeremy's promising young dog Kevin, a son of Laddie (OFTW Halaze Hickory of Edgegrove).  I have seen Kevin since he was a 10 week old puppy and really like him, he is in my eyes a perfect match for Sage and will really compliment her.  I am dead excited about the prospects for this litter all being well!

005 john and leo

24/03/2010 John Patterson and Rothievale Hawthorn (seen left at the Moray Open trial) won the Lothian and Borders Open test, a great result for John as Leo is his first trialling dog and is a continuation of his success winning a Novice trial in October.   Rothievale Hawthorn is by FTCh Waterford Chrism and out of  Willow (Greenbriar Spinner of Rothievale)

Kevin - Cowarnecourt Gaffer of Edgegrove


14/4/2010 Annie's pups have landed! (see right)  And have hit the ground running!  They are extremely bold and whizzy, am slightly worried that I'm going to struggle training mine, Nettle!  They were not at all phased by their 9 hour trip back to Scotland and are settling in well.

annie pups

14/4/2010 Willow's pups (seen left at 5 weeks old) are doing great, chunky pups with lots of tail action and into everything!  I am rearing them on Nutro puppy and beef mince and I'm really pleased with them. I look forward to watching my bitch pup Juniper grow up.

willow pups

20/5/2010 Sage has had her pups!  3 bitches, 2 dogs.  The pups are all spoken for.  

1/5/2010 Juniper (lab pup from Willow) and Nettle (cocker pup from Annie) are growing up fast and are cheeky characters, into everything and good retrievers.  I'm going to have my hands full next year!

pics 2865 pics 2859

1/7/2010 Susie's sister Rothievale Intrepid of Varis won the Moray Firth novice test (pictured left).  Susie was just 3 points behind her sister but was placed 7th.  I was really pleased with her performance as the test was quite difficult.

30/6/2010 Sage's pups are gorgeous!  I'm so pleased with them, they look really well and have settled into their new home in Scotland well, not at all phased by the move.

milly and toddsm sages pups for web

20/9/2010 So much has happened since my last update!  Good and bad.  The counting season went well with good broods of grouse on the hill and subsequently plenty of grouse days to work the dogs and not much time to update the website!  Unfortunately Juniper broke her back leg by falling over backwards awkwardly so it has been a tense time waiting to see if it would heal well.  At the moment all looks well and she is now racing about like a mad thing!  Sage has gone to her retirement home and is living the life of riley but is sorely missed.

10/8/2010 Me and Susie were lucky enough to win the last test of the season, the Novice test at the Highland Game Fair!

me and susie

5/10/2010 Me and Berry won the Strathmore Open on ice against stiff competition!  Our first open

of the season and I'm over the moon.


1st Helen Gray with Rothievale Gentian (FTW Buccleuch Bramble x FTAW Countryways Sage of Rothievale)  

2nd Simon Dixon with Woodstorm Wiggle (FTCh Clarburgh Art x FTCh Whitehope Vino)

3rd Davy Lissett with Buccleuch Onyx (FTCh Maesyronen Market Trader x FTCh Annickview Anna)

4th Ian Clarke with FTCh Kidnais Successor (FTCh Clarburgh Art x FTCh Craighaar Classic)

15/11/2010 Willow's daughter Rothievale Hemlock got a 2nd in a novice trial, owned by Bert Taylor.

15/1/2011 Congratulations to Robin Young with Flaxdale Hallie for winning the springer championship, unfortunately we had to withdraw just 3 days before due to Berry sustaining an injury to her foot in the snow and ice whilst preparing.

31/1/2011  Tom and Kevin (Cowarnecourt Gaffer of Edgegrove) win!  Tom's first season trialling and he wins after a run off! Congratulations to Tom Phillips as handler and Jeremy Organ as owner.  

team picking up

9/2/2011 A long season for me is now over, after nearly 6 months of dog work it's now back to summer training.  I've lots more time to spend with the youngsters and i'm really enjoying training them, they are coming on in leaps and bounds.  We are still waiting patiently for Berry to come in season so that we can organise our springtime around the puppies and book our summer holiday!  In true Helen style I can't make my mind up who to use, I may mate her to Laddie (OFTW Halaze Hickory of Edgegrove)  Grouse counting starts soon!

7/3/11  I ran a dog that I have in for training, Buccleuch Zane, in the Moray Firth spaniel puppy test and won!  He is by Laddie (OFTW Halaze Hickory of Edgegrove) and out of FTCh Annickview Breeze.  I also ran Willow in the novice retriever as Juniper was unfortunately in season and we got a 3rd!  Not bad for an old girl!

2/5/11 I ran Juniper in a puppy retriever test yesterday and got second, really pleased as it was a roasting hot day with poor scent.

17/5/2011 Berry's pups have been born in Cheltenham, sire OFTW Halaze Hickory of Edgegrove.  She had 7, unfortunately one died so we are left with 3 bitches and 3 dogs.  All puppies are spoken for, many thanks for all your enquiries and sorry for those that have waited patiently and been disappointed.

berry and pups

5/6/2011 Another 2nd after a run off for 2nd/3rd for Juniper in the Moray Firth puppy test out of 24 runners with an age limit of 18 months I was very pleased with her.

5/8/2011 I ran Clover as a last minute replacement in the Novice spaniel test at Moy Game Fair and got a 3rd.  At just 14 months old I was very pleased.

20/3/2011 Jeremy Organ won the Kintbury Puppy test with Rothievale Ling of Edgegrove at just 10 months.

13/9/2011 Jimmy Grant won a novice trial with Rothievale Heath of Varis, son of Willow.

moy spaniel winners fern 10 months

19/10/2011  Jeremy Organ won the English Springer Spaniel Club of Wales Novice today with Rothievale Ling of Edgegrove, after a run off. At just 17 months old she was a whole 7 months younger than all the other competitors, I'm so proud, she reminds me of her grandmother Speckle  who I adored, she is a sweet and honest dog that has serious drive, style and power and this was her first trial!  Well done Fern!

1/11/2011 Jimmy Grant won a novice trial with Rothievale Intrepid of Varis, daughter of Willow.  A great season for Jimmy so far winning 2 trials with a son and a daughter of Willow from different litters.

15/11/2011 My season this year with Berry has been disappointing to say the least, we have run in just 4 Open trials and had 2 COMs.  She has been seen by a specialist who diagnosed 2 twisted vertebrae in her neck and a twisted pelvis which will explain why I have had problems with her hunting on my right hand side.  She was lame during her pregnancy and she has muscle wasteage in her right leg where she has been compensating and has also come on heat so our season has come to an early close.

8/11/2011 Fern (FTW Rothievale Ling of Edgegrove) has done well by going straight into Opens at 18 months old and getting a 2nd!  She has since gone on to get a 4th, a COM and a 3rd.  We have high hopes for her!

31/1/2012 More success for Rothievale bred dogs, Jim Adamson won the last novice trial of the season with Rothievale Larch at the tender age of 20 months.  Larch is litter brother to Ling who has also won this season.  A great litter for Rothievale!

11/3/2012 First test of the season and we headed north to Novar.  We came away with 2 thirds, one for Moss, a son of Berry, in the spaniel puppy, not bad for 9 months!  And another 3rd for Willow in the novice retriever, also not bad for 9 years old!

11/6/2012 It's been a while since I updated the news page and hence it's a long one.  As mentioned earlier, since Berry had her pups last spring she has not been right and I have not been happy with her performance.  The rotated atlas vertebrae in her neck has had two treatments and seems to be improving but we have discovered she has a low grade luxating patella in her right leg, hence her loss of power although she shows no signs of pain or lameness she has been 'one sided' and compensating.  We are undertaking a course of physio for her to help build up strength in that leg.

On a more positive note, I am loving training Moss and Holly and they achieved 2nd and 3rd in the MFSRC puppy test at the weekend.

fern for web holly for web moss for web

8/8/12 My application to the Kennel Club to register pups from Annie was successful as was her mating to a red FTAW son of FTCh Whaupley Reiver so I am pleased to announce that pups are due on 25th August, fingers crossed there's a bitch for me!

9/10/2012 Annie had 4 pups, 3 dogs and a bitch for me!  All gold and very busy, bold pups.  All are spoken for.

annies pups for web

26/11/12 Annie and I were honoured to be hunting in line at the IGL Retriever Championships at Cawdor.  We had lots of lovely compliments, she didn't let me down and I got a great view of the action! This lovely photo was taken by Deborah Green just before we started, I was very nervous!

20/10/12 After judging my first test at the Highland Game Fair, I judged my first trial, the Moray Firth Novice with Andrew Cunningham as my co judge as part of the 4 judge system.  It was a steep learning curve but I enjoyed it more than I thought I would!

23/1/13 So much has happened!  My good friend Jeremy Organ has been well and truly flying the Rothievale flag having made his bitch Rothievale Ling of Edgegrove into a FTCh, then got 4th at the Irish Championships.  He also ran his young dog from Berry in his first trial and got a 2nd!

berry win for website bruno rabbit ret

Right - Sire of Annie's pups FTAW Ashfold Gone Away

261533_460646203981937_1499124638_na photo (1)a

6/6/13  Again a long time since my last update, I've been busy preparing for the arrival of my baby due on the 1st August and with bird surveying and dog sitting which has taken off!  I ran Holly in a novice test after very little preparation and managed to win! She has really matured into a lovely bitch and I'm over the moon to have achieved something with her before the baby arrives,


13/9/13 I had my baby girl, Elizabeth on the 6th of August just a week after I finished counting grouse!  She has already joined her Dad for a drive on the grouse and several days at the partridges, we hope that she will love the dogs as much as me.

10/11/13 More success for Rothievale, Jeremy Organ won a novice trial with Rothievale Medlar of Edgegrove, I'm very proud to have bred such a good looking and naturally talented young dog who is fully health tested including hips and elbows (pictured on the right)

moss for web

unfortunately I won't be able  to trial her but she will be my rough shooting and beating dog.  She has been tested clear for PRA Cord 1 and Fuco and has a clear eye certificate.


1/8/14  The trialling season has got off to a great start for two Rothievale bred dogs, a novice win for Rothievale Maple and a second and guns choice in the open for her brother Rothievale Medlar against very stiff competition, both on rabbits. Both owned and handled by Jeremy Organ.

1/1/2015  Jeremy Organ has made both Rothievale Medlar of Edgegrove and his litter sister Rothievale Maple of Edgegrove into Field Trial Champions!   Very proud to have bred this pair of lovely young dogs (see right).

moss and honey1

23/3/18 Holly had a lovely litter of 10 puppies to FTAW Skronedale Hansel of Druimmuir. We have kept a black and white called Petal, chosen by my 4 year old daughter!

1/12/14 Jim Adamson won the North of Scotland Open with Rothievale Larch after a 5 dog run off, well done Jim!


6/2/16  Jim Adamson has made up his dog into a FTCh Rothievale Larch and went on to get a Diploma at the championships. Well done Jim!  

29/12/16 Congratulations to Oliver Organ winning his first ever trial with FTW Rothievale Privet of Cindersash, son of Holly. Jeremy Organ a Diploma at the Championships with FTCh Rothievale Maple of Edgegrove.

8/1/19 Congratulations to Oliver Organ again for winning his first Open trial with Rothievale Privet of Cindersash and then going on to gain a Diploma of Merit at the Championships.

25/1/19 Poppy has had 8 puppies to FTW Omachie Colonel of Carnochway. All puppies are booked

17/3/19 I ran Petal in the Moray Firth Spaniel and Retriever club puppy test and was delighted to win.  Her hunting points were 39/40 but lost a few points on her retrieves for her delivery (she circled me several times) so work needed in that department but im happy, shes just a joy to train.

7/5/19 Lily has had 9 puppies to the lovely FTCh Ferbury Lancelot of Smithsteads! We have kept a bitch called Daffodil or Daffy for short!