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Rothievale Gundogs

Sage - FTAW Countryways Sage of Rothievale 10/9/2002 - 23/12/2014

Sage is Speckle's daughter from the first litter we bred from her.  And what a contrast in personalities!  From the start Sage was a show off, very exhuberant with alot of natural hunting ability, drive and style.  An exciting dog to watch she always had me on her toes, even at 7 years old!  I am told she is very much like her grandmother, FTW Robinsmoor Cherry of Edgecombe.

2004 1st Chiltern Gundog Club Puppy Test and best dog under 22 months (bracken)

2004 2nd Bristol and West Working Gundog Club Novice Trial (brambles and pheasants)

2005 2nd North of Scotland Open Test (rashes and white grass)

2005 3rd North of Scotland Novice Trial (white grass and rabbits)

2005 4th Scottish Spaniel Club Novice Trial (rashes and rabbits)

2006 2nd Scottish Spaniel Club Novice Trial (rashes and rabbits)

In some ways Sage was easy to train due to her brains and hard nature you could not upset her, she thrived on work and was a doddle to teach to handle.  An excellent water dog the more difficult the retrieve the better! She was however a handful, always on the edge and she taught me alot, mostly always to be alert! She was also sound as a pound with a lovely soft mouth despite her aggression in her work and this she has passed onto her progeny.


Test and Trial Achievements


Sage and Helen doing a gundog demonstration with Moray Firth Spaniel and Retriever club at Moy Game Fair 2009, she would happily hunt bare grass!

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Sire FTCh Glancarw Rhys

Dam Countryways Flush of Rothievale

Date of Birth 10th September 2002

Eyes clear 2010

DNA tested clear for PRA Cord 1 and Fuco

Sage pedigree

Her best attributes are her low to the ground hunting style and drive, making her exciting to watch in both heavy cover or white grass, with or without scent!  A long bodied, strong stamp of a bitch I only wish I had her as a puppy now.  Alas we managed 2nds 3rd and 4th in Novice trials but never the elusive win.  She has been a good producer with 2 Field Trial Champions  and 3 Field Trial Winners in 2 litters, only 6 pups went to trialling homes.  Sage was retired to my friends croft and died in 2014, a very sad day but she has left her legacy behind.