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Rothievale Gundogs

Speckle - Countryways Flush of Rothievale  26/01/1997 - 29/08/2008

My first gundog and the foundation to Rothievale Spaniels, Speckle was also my best friend and my constant shadow.  Without Speckle I would never have discovered the joy of working a dog.  Speckle was everyone's favourite, not an outgoing or pushy dog she would introduce herself politely usually by sitting next to you with a stone, ball or even just a bit of tissue in her mouth until you noticed her!


Her father was the famous FTCh Kenine Robb of Rytex, her mother a fiery Field Trial winning bitch Robinsmoor Cherry of Edgecombe.  I was soon to discover the fire and naughtiness often skips a generation!


She will never be forgotten.....



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