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Rothievale Gundogs

Rothievale Ivy

Susie is Willow's daughter from her 2nd litter, her father being OFTW Greenbriar Falkland.  I am pleased with Susie, she is a good looking bitch and is very keen and fast like her mother.  She has proven herself well in both training and out picking up being steady and quiet and bringing game tenderly back to hand with great enthusiasm!   I was lucky enough to win the last test of the season with Susie, the Novice at Moy Game Fair.  Susie is now living with a good friend of mine as a working dog and much loved pet.

Susie seen here on the left with Berry out picking up

Sire OFTW Greenbriar Falkland

Dam Greenbriar Spinner of Rothievale

Eyes clear 2010

Hips - 6/8

Optigen tested - Carrier

Me and Susie during the Novice test at the Highland Field Sports Fair at Moy

berry picking up susie at moy