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Rothievale Gundogs

Willow - Greenbriar Spinner of Rothievale

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Bred by my friend and labrador mentor Carole Clarke from Greenbriar Labradors, Willow fitted well into the Rothievale gundog mould as she hunts with the style and conviction of a spaniel! Willow is a once in a lifetime gundog, she has an abundance of drive, is a superb marker and is extremely biddable and honest.  Like Sage I wish I had her as a youngster now as she would have done well in competition, her litter sister is International FTCh Greenbriar Tiler.  Willow never lets me down and always tries her hardest for me, at 12 years old she still stopped on the whistle, loves to be handled and remains rock steady, much like her mother Cody (pictured below).  

dash cody and willow

Dash (Int FTCh Greenbriar Tiler) Cody (FTW Whampray Kai of Greenbriar) and Willow (Greenbriar Spinner of Rothievale) when Dash and Willow were 12 months old.

willow part sm

Sire Harrockhill Shilling (FTCh Kenue Fir of Leadburn x Greenbriar Tumble)

Dam FTW Whampray Kai of Greenbriar (FTCh Glenbriar Solo x Greenbriar Kiwi)

Eyes Clear July 2009

Hips 5/7

Optigen Tested - Carrier

Willow has also proven to be a good producer, passing her attributes onto her progeny with two field trial winners and a FTAW in her first litter and so far a test winner and field trial winner in her 2nd litter, all of Willow's pups that went to trialling homes have won or been placed in trials.

Willow is a small, strong and athletic bitch with a soft temperament yet brave when tackling any obstacles or cover.  She makes my picking up days so enjoyable, rarely disobeying, she works hard, is very determined and picks twice as much game as any of my other dogs.

Pedigree jim and todd

One of Willow's sons Rothievale Heath of Varis (FTCh Waterford Chrism x Greenbriar Spinner of Rothievale) owned by Jimmy Grant has won a novice test and a novice trial.  He has also represented Scotland at the International Retriever test at Sherbourne.  Jimmy also owned a talented yellow bitch Rothievale Intrepid of Varis (OFTW Greenbriar Falkland x Greenbriar Spinner of Rothievale) who has so far won a puppy, novice test and a novice trial and who we now own (see Millie's page).

john and leo

Another of Willow's sons Rothievale Hawthorn (also by FTCh Waterford Chrism) has won a Novice trial and Open test. Owned by John Patterson, this is his first time competing in trials and tests!

Willow was very easy to train due to her great attitude and intelligence.  Her speed, jumping and marking make her invaluable when picking up, I would be lost without her and alot fitter!  Although never entered in serious competition we have won the Moy Game Fair scurry 2 years in a row!  And she has got 2 3rds in Novice Retriever tests at the tender age of 8!